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What is it?


Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI)

How do you get Syphilis?

  • You can get it from oral sex or genital to genital contact with someone who has syphilis
  • It can also be passed on from mother to baby


How do I know if I have Syphilis?

  • You may have no symptoms, getting regular sexual health screen check-ups is therefore important.
  • Early syphilis is easy to miss if you don’t have any obvious symptoms. However you may develop an ulcer, get a rash all over your body or feel like you have the flu (high temperature, muscle aches).
  • It can sometimes take 3 months for the blood test to become positive after you have been in contact with someone with syphilis.


Where can I get tested?

  • Make an appointment with your GP or contact Grampian Sexual Health Services - call 0345 337 9900


For more information visit NHS inform