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The implant was great for the first year - no periods, no babies, no worries. As soon as the second year started im, I found myself worrying about things that don?t need to be worried about. The anxiety gradually got worse as it went on and I began stressing about other people?s problems. My periods came back and I was having them every two week. I went into such a dark place I decided to get it out. A few months down the line everything went back to the way it should and I felt so much better. Hormones don?t work for everyone. 06.03.18 Uploaded by Kate - 21

Bad implant

I got the implant after some of my friends had good experiences and some had bad. Had it for 2 years and had to be taken out had headaches was fainting alot and was losing a lot of weight was classed anorexic because of my weight! It works for some and doesn't on others 02.11.15 Uploaded by Nicole 18 years old

Would get implant again

Had the implant for 2 years and I would go back. Had no issues at all. No mood swings or any pain. I am nervous of getting it removed and when I got it out in the only thing that was painful was getting my arm numbed. I had a bruise on my arm but now I have a tiny scar. I can easily feel it but it's not painful. I was recommend the implant if you want to feel safe. I was on the pill for 3 years and it was fine but now on the implant I feel a lot safer 27.10.15 Uploaded by Holly 23

coil fail

After having my second child contraception was a must. Coil was easily put in a little pain and a little bleeding for a few days but soon settled and had no problems. Fast forward 8 months later I was in severe agony so thought it moved to discover I was actually 8 weeks pregnant and suffering a miscarriage, so like others it's still not 100% effective, I preferred inplant but too many headaches with that 26.10.15 Uploaded by aimee 23

The pill

I went to the doctor with really heavy periods which would come whenever they wanted. I could go a month without one then have up to three in the next month. She prescribed me the pill and it's great. I take it the same kind of time every night and that's it. My periods are now so predictable with the symptoms that I get and I know I will only have one that month. Not only does it sort out my periods it's a great contraceptive too. I would highly recommend the pill if you are unsure of other options but do explore them too. 25.10.15 Uploaded by Paige 20

Hated every second on the pill!

I started taking the pill after me and my boyfriend got together. I was started off on the minipill i literally had a 6 month period it was light but - really!!!? We tried several different brands such as cerelle and cerazette but nothing changed! Due to being slightly on the curvier scale my doctor was really trying to steer clear of the combined pill due to risk of blood clots and i have a family history of blood clots. My doctor agreed to go for the combined, for the 1st six months everything was great but during ovulation and menstruation i had terrible migaines and had to come off it too! 23.10.15 Uploaded by Elle jane, 20

The pill

When I first when to the doctors to be put on the pill, she gave me rigevidon and didn't even tell me when to start taking it or anything. So I read the instructions for myself and gathered that I should take it from the first day of my next period. But I'd just had one and already met my boyfriend so had to use condoms for a month till my next period. The condom ended up breaking twice during that month so I had to get the morning after pill 2 weeks in a row. I was then told by a lady in the sexual health clinic that you can start taking the pill as soon as you get it, you don't need to wait till your period. 21.10.15 Uploaded by Lisa, 19


really hppy with pills 17.10.15 Uploaded by 26

condoms are safest after failed iud

I had used various contraceptive pills/patches & also had the implant inserted. Both made me gain weight, gave me constant period pain & depression settled in. So it was suggested to me that I should use something that wouldn't affect my hormones, such as the copper iud. I had it fitted, which wasn't for the light hearted! Within the 2 years of having it fitted I fell pregnant. TWICE. With the last pregnancy reaching 12 weeks gestation. I was told after the 1st miscarriage that the chances of falling pregnant again was more than less impossible. Needless to say I had the iud removed during the procedure to remove my baby. 16.10.15 Uploaded by Jen 22


So I have had my periods since I was 9, I also have pcos and endometriosus. I went on 'the pill' not long after starting to try and control my bleeding and it was horrible, I kept having breakthrough bleeds. I tried 5 different kinds of 'the pill' and none of them worked. That's when they decided to put me on the mini pill, that was even worse I was just constantly bleeding. So they decided on the patch after that but I was very allergic to them and bleeding heavily through them also. So next came the depo injection and that started giving me severe miagranes so I had to come off that and that ruled out the rod too. I now have the coil. Big n 15.10.15 Uploaded by Kyla 19


Ive been on the patch for 7 years. My mum got me it to reduce my period pains, which it did for a little while. They are easy to use, dont come off in the shower or swimming and i havent been accidentally pregant yet, which is surprising considering me and my partner dont use condoms. 15.10.15 Uploaded by Jade 21

Implanon (implant)

I had an implant inserted into my left arm almost 3 years ago. I had heard negative and positive things. My experience has almost all been positive you get an injection to numb the area then a small incision it made that you cannot feel at all and the implant placed into the arm. It is completely painless. The only issue I have had is my period did not end after 5-7 days I had it for almost a month straight! The doctor gave me the pill which helped me regulate them and since then everything has been okay! 15.10.15 Uploaded by Ellyn 21

Fit and forget for 5 years

I just got a coil put in the other day (the one with the hormones in it) and so far, so good! I had a wee bit of a sore tummy after, but I took some pain killers (and drank a gallon of milky tea) and I feel back to normal. I?m so excited to see how I get on and super glad I don?t even have to think about it for 5 years! :P 03.04.15 Uploaded by Jennifer (18 years old)

Injection works for me

I used to be on the pill when I was younger ?cause my mum told me that I might help with me period cramps. But, when I started having sex, I realised how bad I was at remembering to take it! I now take the injection, which I can forget about for 3 months and on top of that, I don?t have a period anymore - win, win! 03.04.15 Uploaded by Claire (21 years old)

Pill fail!

I was rubbish at remembering to take the pill. I even had an app on my phone but it didn?t really work if I was out drinking or asleep! 03.04.15 Uploaded by Rebecca (19 years old)

Sorted with a coil

I used to have really heavy periods, my doctor said I could try an IUS Coil to see if that would help, and it really did. Now my periods are much lighter - so much easier! 03.04.15 Uploaded by Lucy (22 years old)

Glow in the dark!

LOL, when I got my implant someone told me it would glow in the dark under UV lights! Luckily they were wrong! 03.04.15 Uploaded by Zoe (16 years old)

Getting another implant!

I was a bit worried about how I?d get on with an implant as a couple of my friends had bad experiences, but I totally love it!!! I?ve had one for 3 years and a friend told me you can?t get another one once you?ve had it once - I spoke to the nurse and she said that?s not true thank goodness! it?s easy to get a new one and it goes in the same arm as the last one so that?ll be me sorted for the next 3 years! 03.04.15 Uploaded by Emily (23 years old)